Kamerakran C-620 und C730 von Stabilmove

Models C-620 and C-730 cover complete usability from a lightweight cellphone camera to a heavy duty DSLR. The functionality of both cranes is identical. The two model differentiate themselves primarily in the maximum camera weight they can support. With both models we recommend employing the use of a ballhead, which provides notably more possibilities.

C-621 und C-731the new modells

Stabilmove C-620 Kamerakran


The C-620 is our absolute lightweight. This is made possible via the use of extremely warp-resistant profiles. This crane is therefore the ideal companion for use on-the-go. It’s especially designed for cell-phone cameras, system cameras, and lightweight DSLRs.


C-621 expedition

Stabilmove C-730 Kamerakran

C 730

The C-730 is the more robust crane. Because it has a stronger profile it can handle supporting more weight. This crane can support up to full-format cameras. Despite its stability it is nevertheless very flexible in action and can be quickly fully assembled everywhere.



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