It`s the first crane to automatically adjust

and align the camera during pivoting.

Lateral steering control sets the Stabilmove camera crane apart. The movements of the crane along with those of the camera are uniquely bound together as a result.

Automatische Steuerung Manfrotto 323


If you use a traditional camera crane in combination with a tilting video head, then two movements are being executed at the same time. The crane and the video head need to pivot in coordination. Only the monitor offers any means of control. This is extremely difficult to execute well if it’s meant to be an especially soft pivot. With the camera cranes from Stabilmove, both of these movements are coupled together with various settings.

Kamerakran mit 14 Gleitlagern und Axiallagern


The use of extremely warp resistant chamber profiles not only eschews excess bulk and weight but provides incredible stability. The cranes operate as a result both smoothly and quietly.

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What separates Stabilmove
from other available camera cranes?

What proficiency
camera cranes from Stabilmove ?

What kinds of videographers
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But doesn’t a crane
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STEERING controls

By adjusting the steering rod you can create a parallel pivot pan, a arc shot around a focus object, or a broad pivot. The camera moves steadily with each defined maneuver. The foreground and background move relative to one another, which gives the impression of expansive multi-dimensionality. These controls are individually adjustable.

Kamerkran Slider fuer Kamerafahrten


Quality workmanship as well as black anodized aluminum and stainless steel provide for stability and durability. The solid strut profile of the camera arm makes a high stress load possible despite its light weight. Ergonomic knobs are easy to grip and are protected from accidental loosening. Fourteen friction- and axial bearings guarantee ease of motion. The chrome-plated weight plates are outfitted with protruding insets made out of odorless rubber, which enable the crane to effectively stabilize counter weight without any additional support.

Kamerakran mit verwindugssteifen Profilen

▪ extreme stability by video camera tracking shots

▪ automatic camera steering

▪ no-tools-required setup and quick change system

▪ four different camera drives and combination,
wie im operation manual video beschrieben

▪ parallel pan

▪ arc shot

▪ panoramic pan

▪ Vertical Pivot

▪ Everyone who wants to create especially vivid, smooth tracking shots,

▪ for example: including film production crews, advertising agencies,

▪ for example: hobby videographers, and film schools.

▪ Simply put: no.

▪ With horizontal pivots and pans, the primary concern is the appearance of spaciousness. In order to accomplish this, the movements must be executed very slowly. The length of the crane is therefore relatively incidental.

▪ With a crane from Stabilmove, you are both mobile and extremely flexible.

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