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Stabilmove is a young, creative company that was born of an enthusiasm for innovative ideas and the imperative desire for perfect video shots. During development our focus was centered on the functionality, usability, and quality of our product.

With this vision in mind, our project, and ultimately the C-620, came into existence. With a process focused on steadily making improvements, we were able to construct our gadget to be more and more lightweight and more and more flexible. Our product and resulting video shots advance the realm of tracking shots into a new dimension.

Every crane is hand-crafted and hand-assembled by us. In doing this, we control the functionality of every single, tiny part, which ensures the high level of quality that we expect and require of our product. Additionally, each and every component of our cranes is checked and selected for further workmanship by our own hands. Our goal is to use our own excitement and passion to develop products that enable you to not only create professional, first-class camera shots, but also bring you the same pure joy and fascination that drives us.

Because we are always working on our products in order to improve them even more, we are happy to entertain suggestions and criticism. We are truly pleased to hear your constructive feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience using the contact formula or directly via email.

Fertigug 1 Fertigung 3 Fertigung 2

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